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GOD II - Jesus Christ

by GOD

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I AM 05:37 video
I Am That I Am. I Will Be With You. I Am God Almighty. Walk Before Me Faithfully And Be Blameless. This Is My Name Forever, The Name You Shall Call Me From Generation To Generation. I Am The Lord Your God. Your Savior. I Am The Lord. Apart From Me There Is No Savior. Before Me No God Was Formed. Nor Will There Be One After Me. I Have Revealed. I Have Saved. I Have Proclaimed. I Am He Who Blots Out Your Transgressions. I Remember Your Sins No More. I Am The First. I Am The Last. Apart From Me There Is No God. I Am The Lord And There Is No Other. I Form The Light. I Create The Darkness. I Bring Prosperity. I Create Disaster. I The Lord Do All These Things. It Is I Who Made Earth And Created Mankind On It. I The Lord Speak The Truth. I Declare What Is Right. Turn To Me An Be Saved. I Make Known The End From The Beginning. My Purpose Will Stand. I Will Do All That I Please. I Am He Who Comforts You. Be Still And Know That I Am God. Where Were You When I Laid The Foundations Of The Earth? I Am The Way. I Am The Truth. I Am The Life. I Am The Resurrection. I Am The Life. The One Who Believes In Me Will Live Even Though They May Die. Whoever Lives By Believing In Me Will Never Die. I Hold The Keys Of Death And Hades. I Am Coming Soon.
Obey 06:06 video
Can rules be an act of love? Why does authority feel negative to us? Does the idea of authority make you nervous? Why do we kick against the rules? Can you obey with motive? Do you obey with pure or impure motives? Is there freedom in obedience? Do you live life the way you please? Are you not a slave to yourself? Do rules give us security and safety? Is obedience an act of love? Is authority loving? Are you an authority? Do you have to follow your own rules? If you make rules do you have to follow rules? What are you going to do?
Worship 03:50 video
Does worship exist? What is worship? Who deserves worship? What deserves worship? Who do you worship? What does worship look like? Is giving worship? Can your worship with your time? Can you worship with your abilities? Can you worship with your money? Where do you go to worship? Do you have to go anywhere to worship? Is worship transcendent? Can you know God through worship? Can you experience God through worship?
What is temptation ? How are you tempted? In what ways are you tempted? Is temptation right or wrong? Should you give in to temptation? Is it compelling you to do something good or bad? Is temptation selfish? Can temptation be for your own good? Can you learn from temptation? Is God's nature revealed in temptation? Is your nature revealed in temptation? What does temptation reveal about you? Or about your heart? How has following temptation impacted you? Or the people around you? Who is behind temptation? How do you overcome temptation ? Are you alone in your temptation ? Should you run from temptation ? Can temptation be good for you but bad for others?
Is your nature fixed? Is man getting better or worse ? How can man get better ? How can you get better? Can you grow and be changed? What in your life needs to change? Do you need to change? Why change? Does the divine interact with the natural? Or change it? Have you had a personal experience with the divine? With the I AM? Who is behind the divine or supernatural? Have you ever felt internal pressure to change? Why is that? Where does it come from? Who's behind it?
Holy 04:18 video
What is holiness? What does it mean to be holy? Does Holiness exist? Who is Holy? Can you be holy? Who claims to be holy? Are there levels of holiness ? Why holiness? Do you deserve holiness? What does it take to be holy? Is holiness attainable ? Can you earn holiness ? How many things must you do to be holy? How often can you mess up and not be holy ? Can holiness be given to you? ? If you earn holiness is it holy? Is holiness an action or motive? If the motive is evil can the action be holy? Is God holy? If God is holy can man be holy? How can God make you holy? Are you holy?
Prayer 06:22 video
Does prayer change anything? Have you ever prayed? Is prayer supposed to change anything? Is prayer trust? What is prayer? Why should we pray? Who do you pray to? Do you pray? When do you pray? What has caused you to pray? Do you pray willingly? Is prayer only asking God for things? Is prayer asking for desires, wishes, etc? Do you find hope in prayer? Does God hear your prayers? Where do you pray? Do you pray selfishly? Does God answer prayer? Is the only answer to prayer yes? Why does God command us to pray? Can we communicate with God through prayer? Is it like talking to a friend or family ? What happens if the answer is no? Or wait? Does it change anything about you? Does God talk back to us in prayer? Is prayer personal? Is God waiting to hear your prayer? Is God watching over your prayers? Is prayer eternal?
Trust 04:24 video
Who do you trust? Why trust anyone? What is trust? When do you trust? Does trust have to be earned? How do you feel trust is broken? Has your trust ever been betrayed? Do you anyone who is completely trust worthy? Will you eventually be disappointed? Can you trust yourself? Can you be trusted? If humanity is flawed can they be fully trusted? Is humanity flawed or perfect? Is God worth trusting in? Is there freedom in trust? Can you ever trust anyone? Is trust worth the risk? Will you die not trusting anyone? Have you broken someones trust before? How do you earn trust?
Forsaken 05:01 video
Have you ever been abandoned ? Has anyone given up on you? Has anyone turned their back on you? Have you felt cast aside? Have you been disowned by family or friends? Are you ignored? Unloved? Forgotten? How does it feel? Have you forsaken others? How are you responding? What does it make you feel about the other person? Are you carrying the hurt? Are you still offended? Are you still hurt? Are you angry? Did you know that Christ was forsaken? Do you know that Christ was forsaken for you? Did you know that He took on your pain, anger, lonliness on the cross?
Have you ever felt the power of accusation? Have you ever been crucified? What drives someone to crucify another? How are people crucifed? Can you crucify someone with your words? Can you crucify someone emotionally, intellectually, relationally? Have you violated your conscience? Have you broken a commitment, oro promise? Have you cheated? Have you stolen from anyone? Have you lied? Are you guilty? What punishment do you deserve? Are you deserving of being crucified? Do you know that Jesus Christ was cruficied for you?
Death 04:19 video
Are you ready for death? How will you face death? When death comes for you what will you say? What will you do? What will you feel? Will you see death coming? What do you feel right now about your coming death? Do you fear death? Is death beyond the physical? Is death spiritual? Will you be forgotten? What is beyond death? Is there life beyond death? Is there something worse than death? Is there a place worse than death? How can you prepare for death? Are you prepared for death? Can you escape your death? Who can save you from death? Who is beyond death itself? Who is the author of life?
Have you ever screwed up before? Have you ever wronged anyone? Have you ever broken someones trust? Have you ever hurt someone in anger? Do you need forgiveness? Have you experienced forgiveness? How does forgiveness make you feel? Is forgiveness love? Are you able to forgive? Have you forgiven someone? Why offer someone forgiveness? Have you been shown mercy? Have you ever felt grace? Have you felt uncompromising love? Have you ever felt the forgiveness of GOD through JESUS CHRIST death on the cross for you?


GOD II - Jesus Christ - The Origin, The Life, Death & Resurrection Of Jesus Christ.


released October 9, 2017

God challenges you to consider your life, death through the power of music.


all rights reserved




GOD : Challenges you to consider Him as well as your life & death through the power of music.

GOD VI - Unbelief - OUT NOW

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